Serbia 18

Sportagen tennis school invites to Serbia.


Mountain region Zlatibor in southwest Serbia.


From May 1 to September 30, 2018.


Comfortable cottages of European standard on the territory of the club. Apartment for 3–4 people with all facilities, kitchen and views on tennis courts.


Fullboard (+afternoon snack) in the restaurant on site. With the use of farm products without chemical additives, including honey, herbs, fruits and berries, spring mountain water.


You can choose from several training programs. Mini-groups of 3–4 people on the court as well as individual lessons. Groups are formed based on the level of athletes.


We pick up guests at Belgrade airport.

Airport (Belgrade) — Zlatibor — Airport (Belgrade) transfer — €95 (210 km) for 6 people.

Auto transportation around Serbia and abroad: 
Zlatibor — Thessaloniki (Greece) — €185 (700 km) for 6 people
Zlatibor — Kotor (Montenegro) — €125 (300 km) for 6 people

Training programs

ANGEL (11–12 years)

Tennis — 5 times a week for 2-2,5 hours a day, fitness — 3-4 times a week for 1.5 hours a day.

The cost of the program (food, accommodation, tennis, fitness, courts, stringing 2 rackets) — €650 for 2 weeks (€1.200/4 weeks)

SPRINT (13–14 years)

Tennis — 5 times a week for 3,5 hours a day, fitness — 3-4 times a week for 1.5 hours a day.

The cost of the program (food, accommodation, tennis, fitness, courts, stringing 2 rackets) — €750 for 2 weeks (€1.400/4 weeks)

SATELLITE  (15–16 years)

Tennis — 6 times a week for 4,5 hours a day (one tennis practice on Saturday, in the first half of the day), fitness — 4-5 times a week for 1.5 hours per day.

The cost of the program (food, accommodation, tennis, RPT, rent courts, stringing 2 rackets) — €850 for 2 weeks (€1.600/4 weeks)

PRO (17 years)

ITF, ATP, WTA Tour professional players program, based on individual level and goals.


Jogging, stretching, special exercises (included).

Individual tennis lessons — from €15/hour.
Individual physical training lessons — from €10/hour.

Players with high ratings (TE, ITF, ATP, WTA) are eligible for discounts up to 50%.

Athletes, who want to go hiking during the summer period for 2–3 days, must have: hiking shoes, sleeping bag, warm clothes, sports caps, raincoat.

Trips to the tournaments, guided tours, etc. are not included in the price.


Athletes will have an opportunity to play a series of tournaments in Serbia and abroad. Tournament calendars:

Tennis Federation of Serbia —
European Tennis Federation —
International Tennis Federation —

To participate in the national tournament in Serbia is necessary to have an IPIN (issued within one week). Requires blood test, visit to the doctor, one photo and payment of €25.

Summer camps in Zlatibor

If one of your children involved in tennis, and other basketball or football, in Zlatibor you can have everything. Every summer Zlatibor and Kapaonike hosts international sports camps in basketball —

International sports camp in Kapaonike —

Sports and entertainment

We will make every effort so your children will have best memories. Planned: sports competitions, mini tournaments, master classes with famous players, sports shows, trips to lakes and waterfalls, hike for 2–3 days, visiting monasteries and local farms.

We also offer:

Travel Serbia program —

Medical tourism in Serbia. On Zlatibor mountain there are two types of climate — Mediterranean and mountain. Due to the unique climate of Zlatibor is declared as a therapeutic place for the treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases and all kinds of anemia. Complete treatment offers a traditional health resort — Chigota Institute of thyroid diseases and metabolic disorders —

Trips to the sea in the direction of Greece, Montenegro, Croatia

After staying in Serbia, you can travel in the direction of the sea. We offer the services of our transport with a driver.

The cost of the car with driver for 5–6 persons:

Zlatibor — Thessaloniki (Greece) — €185 (700 km.)
Zlatibor — Black Mountain (Montenegro) — €125 (300 km.)

Also you will have the opportunity to rent a car from €15/night.

Upon arrival in Serbia, all participants of the training process must fill out a special form.

Each sportsman before starting a training process must have a doctor's note for admission to train. Kindly requested to take this seriously.

Payment is made in cash in euros оr transfer to the settlement account.


We invite children (14 years and older) and professional players for training. We provide full or partial financial support, depending on the level of the player:

— Training process
— Accommodation
— Equipment
— Courts rental

Objective: Work for the result.
Requirements: High rating, good health and stamina, efficiency.