Training programs

The Science of Winning in sport it’s first of all the science of sport training and management.

Before we offer an effective training program, we study and analyse all the necessary information. This practically eliminates injury, minimises the errors and guarantees results.

Individual programs are made depending on the specific situation and goals, considering mental, physiological, age and many other factors.

We use different methods and training schemes. To develop all the skills, coaches trying to make training process more colourful and interesting.

All programs are based on the development and learning basic qualities, skills and abilities:

• Psychological strength ("learned to overcome yourself")
• Universality, technique variation
• General and special physical training
• Development of willpower power generation (strike density)
• Feel of distance and rhythm
• Tactical actions in different conditions

Increased attention school gives to special physical training: development of movement skills, balance, ability to move easily and correctly. Also using nontraditional methods, including extreme training.

The program for professional players ITF, ATP, WTA Tour. 
It made individually depending on the level and goals.


We invite children from 14 years old and professional players wishing to achieve a high result together with us. We provide full or partial support, depending on the level of the player: