Tennis school

We specialize in individual work and offer you high quality training. You will learn a universal and "clean" technique, tactical thinking, generation of power, a sense of rhythm, pace and distance. This will allow you to feel confident in all game situations.

A well – constructed work on physical training makes it possible to develop your movement skills and evenly strengthen the your body. This approach practically eliminates injuries.

The psychological aspects we are trying to convey to everyone that the leading players in the world have a stable mentality and good mobilisation of the nervous system. Before winning the other, you need to learn how to win themselves. 

Our сoaches worked with National Team players of Israel, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Greece, Croatia and many other world class players; Miriana Lucic, Evgeny Donskoy, Zeljko Krajan, Amr Ghoneim, Anna Smashnova, Nadia Petrova, Alla Kudryavtseva, Anna Kalinskaya, Evgenia Grebenyuk, Sherif Sabry, Conchita Martínez, Heidi El Tabakh... 

By agreement the coaches can work anywhere in the world.

Tennis school is always ready to help tennis clubs, academies and fitness centers in the organization of the training process and other activities.